We have handled SHELL CHEMICALS, SCIENTIFIC DESIGN, NIPPON and ENGELHARD manufactured Space Catalyst in above companies.

1 Overhauling & hydro testing of Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Boilers etc.
2 Columns maintenance & Column Revamping.
3 Maintenance of Coolers, Heaters & critical plant Equipments.
4 Maintenance of  all types of Valves.
5 EO Reactor Unloading and Loading of catalyst.
6 Hydro Cracker and Hydrogen Reactors also.  Such Loading is done at M.R.P.L. – Manglore (UOP Process) and I.O.C.L. – Baroda (Chevron & Linde Process).

We had handled Catalyst Replacement job for different types of Reactors catalyst supplied by various licensor like UOP, SHELL CHEMICALS, CHEVRON, LINDE, SCIENTIFIC DESIGN, NIPPON and ENGELHARD manufactured Space Catalyst, AXENS, HALDOR TOPSOE, EXXONMOBIL & SUD CHEMICALS etc.  ExxonMobil, Axens & Chevron Catalyst were loaded by us using Dense Loader.

1 Removal of Top & Bottom Spring.
2 Inspection of Tubes after Spring removal
3 Unloading of Catalyst from Reactor Bottom.
4 Vacuuming if Inserts from Reactor Top.
5 Inspection of Tubes after Unloading.
6 Grit Blasting of Reactor Tubes with Timer Operated Auto Machine.
7 Inspection of Tubes after Grit Blasting.
8 Blasting of Top Dome & Tube Sheet.
9 Insertion of Swabs for Dust Removal.
10 Grit Blasting of Bottom Dome & Tube Sheet.
11 Swab Blowing.
12 Inspection of Tubes after Swab Blowing.
13 Spring Insertion from Reactor Bottom.
14 Inspection of Tubes after Spring Insertion.
15 Capping of all Tubes from Reactor Bottom.
16 Installation of Loading Plate.
17 Loading of Fresh Catalyst by raking all over the Loading Plate.
18 Height adjustment of Catalyst from Reactor Top as per the given measurement.
19 Loading of Inserts as per the measurement.
20 Insertion of Top Spring.
21 Inspection of Inserted Spring.
22 D.P. Measurement of all Tubes through Digital Indicator.